Moyer's Victory Circle team for "08"

Date: 12-03-2007

In May of 2007 Billy Moyer traveled to the west coast to drive a Victory Circle car owned by Mike Johnson and in doing so the relationship started.  When asked Moyer stated that the car was pretty good and he felt that their is something their that he had wanted to feel and haven't felt in a long time.  At that time Victory Circle built Moyer a car that he was going to race five or six times in "07" just to try and help with some feed back.  Well after the third race he was hooked and wanted to drive the car full time. In the mean time he now has two cars race ready and three frames on the ground in his shop. 

When asked what his plan for the future is Moyer stated that he needed to build a team of four or five guys that he could share notes with at the track to help the program grow.  Currently he has a pretty good jump on the team he is building Steve Shaver has already received his car, Babb's car is in Moyer's shop right now getting ready and hopefully Daren Miller will order one very soon.  For the mean time Miller might pilot Moyer JR's V.C car at speed weeks if they can get it complete.

  Billy Moyer Racing is the East coast dealer of the Victory Circle dirt cars and we here are glad to have him on the team and look forward to a long term relationship with Billy and his group.

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