Become a Dealer

Note to prospective dirt late model dealers:

Due to overwhelming demand we are no longer accepting new dirt late model dealerships. We do hope to expand our production in the future and at that time we will review the list of current applicants to fill those locations. If you feel you can meet the requirements to become a dealer we will gladly add your name to our list. Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer for our product!

How to become a dealer

Here at Victory Circle we strive to offer a higher level of quality in our parts and service for the racing industry. In order to achieve this we need dealers like you to extend our network to your race track or area. If you have the facilities and you would like to offer our quality to your customers, we want to hear from you. Please use the e-mail link below or give us a call at 800-224-0556 so we may send you our dealership application to begin the process of becoming part of the team. Give us the chance to take you to the Next Evolution in Chassis Design!

What we would like to see in a dealer.

A Retail place of business

A flat plate for chassis repairs

Ability to help your customers at the tracks you service.

A new state not already covered by a current dealer.

Dealer buy in.

2 Victory Circle Chassis of your choice with interiors installed at retail price.

To maintain your dealership status.

Maintain $20000.00 in yearly sales.

Application Process.

Fill out our dealer application / questionnaire. We will review your application.

If approved, After the two retail price chassis buy in, all future chassis and parts will be sold to you at your new dealer price and you will be granted an exclusive dealership area.

(50% deposit is needed for all chassis purchases and special orders)

If you become a dealer,

We will review your account once a year starting the date that you sign with us as a Victory Circle dealer. We recommend with your initial purchase you order the recommended suspension components for the original two chassis, and remember all of your purchases including the chassis will count toward meeting your first yearly sales goal.

  We ask that you promote Victory Circle Chassis & Parts and make tech support available to your Victory Circle customers in your area.

For dealer inquires ask for Daren Blanton or e-mail