About Us

Victory Circle Chassis and Parts, Inc. has been located in Southern California since 1991. Currently situated in a 38,000 square foot facility in Bakersfield, Ca. Victory Circle Chassis And Parts, Inc. is a leader in west coast circle track asphalt and dirt chassis design and fabrication. In our 2500 square foot showroom, you will find a great selection of items you need. We pride ourselves in our line of high quality chassis, huge parts inventory, great service department, and all under one roof. Our chassis are built using the latest technology. Computer aided drawings, computer controlled tube bending, laser cut chassis and interior components, and the Meta-lax Metal Stress Relief Process. Take note that building one of our chassis is not an assembly line process. Typically one of our experienced employees using the above processes will build your chassis from start to finish. We have a large inventory of parts and accessories to finish building, or replace any part on our chassis, or other brands of chassis from the ground up. If you place your parts order by 12:00 pm pacific your order will go out the same day. Our service department is second to none. Need your car setup for that big race? We can do that! If the wall reached out and grabbed you, or someone helped you into it we are here to make your car good as new. Call ahead for an appointment and in most cases we can have your Victory Circle chassis in a jig, repaired, and ready to take back home the next day. We are here for you. Give us a call (661)833-4600 so we can put together a quote for the chassis you are interested in. We hope to have the opportunity to take you to the next evolution in chassis design!